Dylan Vandemark, VP of Product Development

Dylan Vandemark currently serves as VP of Product Development at Cornerstone Architectural Products. A graduate of Keene State College, Dylan has been instrumental in the research and development of Cornerstone’s line of precast veneers and trims.

Notable Projects

New England Veneer Stone®
Dylan conceptualized, developed, and brought to market New England Veneer Stone®. Oversaw and developed the formulations for the veneer using post-consumer recycled glass in a novel manner. Created the proprietary techniques for making and finishing the stone. Saw to the development of the manufacturing process that would optimize production and maximize the veneer’s durability.

Polyol Substrate Modification
Dylan served as lead researcher on a project to modify substrates with polyol chains, and characterize them for their anti-freeze properties. This project involved multi-stage organic synthesis and purification, and characterization through NMR, IR, and HPLC.

Contact: [email protected]