A New Jersey “Castle” Comes to Life

New Jersey Castle Rendering Front Elevation

Precise hand-made plaster original for the mid-band detail.

Work began in spring 2017 on this impressive residence in New Jersey. Cornerstone cast stone dimensional veneer, trims, columns, and balustrades  were chosen for the exterior of this castle-like structure. Standard trims will be combined with custom features to create a cohesive old-world look befitting a home of this stature.

Technical drawings were created by Cornerstone based on the original plans and were submitted to the architect for approval. The hands-on process then starts with plaster carvings, from which the rubber molds will be created. These molds will be added to our ever-increasing selection of architectural cast stone offerings once this job is complete.

The veneer and trim will be cast in our traditional buff color with an etched limestone finish. Check back as work progresses to see this work-of-art take shape.

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