When we say we manufacture the best stone veneer on the market, we don’t take the claim lightly. We designed our veneer with a singular goal in mind – to be the finest stone veneer in the world.

Why we created New England Veneer Stone.

Natural Stone Veneer with cast stone trim and dimensional panelsOur story began over 20 years ago, when we began designing, manufacturing and installing beautiful cast stone architectural products. Our work included custom trims, moldings, fireplaces, friezes, columns and more. Each piece was crafted for efficient application and was a natural complement to natural and cultured stone veneers.

However, as we worked with stone veneers from various quarries and manufacturers we found they fell short in numerous ways.

Thin veneer from a stoneyard or quarry is inherently brittle and often breaks in shipping and requires extensive cutting and fitting. This resulted in a great deal of waste – both in product and man-hours.

Manufactured or cultured stone veneer often lacked realism and had too many limitations. It also could not be cut without exposing a raw edge. So we were never happy with the end result.

Finding a stone veneer solution.

We started researching stone veneers so that we could recommend a better product to our clients, but the more we explored the market, the more we realized there was no good solution. We decided it was time to get into the thin stone veneer business.

Our experience with architectural cast stone gave us an advantage. We already had found success with our architectural cast stone trims and dimensional veneers. So why not manufacture a natural looking stone veneer?

Our engineering process included extensive research and development to carefully formulate our mix designs. The result? Stone veneer that is extremely strong, and is realistic in appearance and feel. Even the weight of the stone is authentic, yet still light enough to comply with all ASTM standards for thin veneer. And we used real crushed stone throughout so that the veneers could be cut and chiseled and still look genuine. We finished with environmental-friendly dyes and sealers to enhance to the products’ color and longevity.

Don’t take our word for it … ask Bob.

This note from an authorized dealer sums it up best:

“Got a call from a contractor who purchased 80 sq/ft of Ashlar in Quartzite Green. He said it was as close to natural looking stone as he’s seen. Also, very easy to install. Customer loved the stone and the look after it was installed. Thanks!”


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